Climashield® APEX 6 oz/yd2 (200g/m2)

Synthetic isolation by Climashield®, the world leader in the manufacture and development of continuous filament insulation.

Great thermal efficiency to weight ratio. Highly compressible, does not pull apart when stretched, doesn’t clump, shift or separate with repeated use or washings.

– weight: 200g/m2 (6.0oz/yd2)
– thickness: 3.8cm (1.5in)
– warm to weight ratio (CLO): 0,82(oz/yd2), 0,024(g/m2)
– roll width: 160cm

popular application: outerwear, sleeping bags, quilts.

*Wash with a mild detergent in cold or warm water (not to exceed140°F or60°C). Air or tumble dry on low heat. Do not dry clean.

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