Bonding Dyneema® tape CT-PSA 25mm

CTPSA-1.0 produced by DSM (Dyneema)

  • width 25 mm
  • doubleside
  • high-strength self-adhesive
  • no welding required
  • transparent
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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive from Dyneema® –  double side, transparent ( white) available in two variants (13mm and 25mm).

It is a high-strength self-adhesive tape that does not require welding. The tape is mainly used to connect sections of Dyneema® Composite fabric, but it is perfect for joining all fabrics from our offer, also impregnated with PU. * should not be used for silicone impregnated fabrics * NOTE: detailed instructions on how to use PSA tape can be found in the article on our website, click here.


You do not know which tape you need? Check this great tutorial provided by Dyneema® :

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