A DIY down sleeping bag with compartments.

We present to you our new, and probably the most ambitious project we have taken on so far – the DOWN SLEEPING BAG WITH COMPARTMENTS. It...

11 May 2023
łączenie materiałów taśmą PSA

Composite Fabric Seaming Guide by DSM

Bonding Composite Fabrics using Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA): 1. Determine the width of the seam: For many applications that use...

20 October 2021

Best fabric for DIY tarp

When you think about tarp is it a simple piece of fabric with rope and few anchor points. Super simple project. What is the fuzz about it? Tarp...

6 November 2020
Hammock fabric

Best fabric for DIY hammock

Choosing the right fabric for your DIY project is a key decision that you have to make before you start. Ripstop nylon or ripstop polyester?...

5 November 2020
Ripstop nylon

Ripstop nylon or polyester

are you wondering which fabric you should chose for you DIY project? Ripstop nylon or ripstop polyester? You do not know what are differences...

4 November 2020

Impregnation and Laminates

IMPREGNATION and LAMINATES You might not have been interested in this article in March and April 2020 because hardly a drop of rain fell from...

30 July 2020
Jak uszyć hamak

How to make a hammock

ULTRALIGHT HAMMOCK DIY A hammock is a great gadget for all kind of trips. Whether it’s a family picnic or ultralight backpacking trip, the...

7 February 2020